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Present Condition

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The present condition of the bridge is very bad. The case studies and analyses have shown that in its present condition it does not meet requirements of hoisting capacity even in the lowest class E. The hoisting capacity is not influenced by the main girders but by the elements of the deck and the road surface. General repair is needed in case of all elements of the bridge, from the decks, through the main girders, supports, and supplementary issues (such as expansion joints, gutters, illumination) on all spans. The construction of spans No 2 and 3 is in particularly bad shape, i.e. the main girders, crossheads, walers, and the elements of the platform made of reinforced concrete. The elements of the platform on spans No 4-6 and 10-12 need immediate action. On the whole bridge there are shortages of basic elements of traffic safety for pedestrians and vehicles. There are serious shortages of railings, the brick construction of turrets has been deteriorated. Another serious limitation is the width of the narrow ESTB spans – only 3.50 metres.

Because of the bad technical condition, in October 2011 the bridge was completely closed for pedestrians and road traffic. Due to the lack of sufficient financing for the renovation of the bridge, the authorities of the District of Tczew were forced to make such a decision. This way a great monument of engineering, a part of heritage of European technical culture was closed. At the same time the shortest connection with work, schools, offices and other institutions was closed for thousands of people living in the area of the Vistula delta.